Assembly 2023 Agenda

Back to where it all began.

Day 1

September 25th, 2023

Welcome! We're thrilled to have you here! Starting at 1:00PM, this is the day to sign up for our fantastic sponsor dine-arounds. Join us for a delightful experience of great food and excellent company! Don't miss out!

Day 2

September 26th, 2023

Get ready for an exhilarating day filled with captivating speakers, engaging topics, and an exclusive sneak peek into our cutting-edge technology. Throughout the event, there will be immersive breakouts, providing you with the perfect opportunity to interact with our esteemed sponsors and product specialists. And that's not all! We'll conclude the day with our highly anticipated dine-arounds. Don't miss a single moment!

Day 3

September 27th, 2023

Embrace another invigorating day, brimming with captivating speakers and dynamic breakout sessions that promise to inspire and enlighten. Alongside these enriching experiences, Day 3 is crucial as it marks the annual mandatory compliance meeting—a chance to deepen our understanding and commitment to excellence.

As the sun sets on this eventful day, we gather together for a delightful evening—a sumptuous dinner that brings us all closer in camaraderie. A perfect culmination to a day filled with growth and shared aspirations.

Welcome Ops Teams!

Exciting news is on the horizon! At Arete Wealth, we've been all ears, attentively listening to your valuable feedback. We're absolutely thrilled to announce a bespoke Operations Track that has been tailored exclusively for our dedicated operations personnel like yourself. This extraordinary opportunity welcomes one and all, inviting you to partake in a truly enriching experience like never before!

Elevate your expertise in the Operations Track:
-  Best Practices Town Hall
-  Reducing NIGOs Presentation (Resource Center)
-  AML Training
-  Cybersecurity Presentation
-  Compliance Presentation
-  Introduction to Telos

Assistants are encouraged to join:
-  Welcome and Firm Updates
-  Conference Receptions
-  Advisors' Keynote Speaker
-  Arete Town Hall
-  Closing Conference Dinner

Additional Excursions + Time Available for:
-  Worktime built-in
-  Chicago Riverwalk
-  Navy Pier's Centennial Ferris Wheel

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to shine!

See meetings in a new way with Arete.

Enjoy our meeting experience, VIP style.

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